This site is devoted to the work of John Warthen Struble, composer, pianist, conductor, scholar and author.


American composer-pianist-conductor John Warthen Struble has been an active voice in American classical music for thirty years, both as a performer and creative artist. His works have been performed to great acclaim both at home and abroad, and broadcast on public radio and television in many parts of the United States.

As a composer-pianist, Struble brings a special structural insight and freshness to his performances, whether of his own works or those of past masters. He is particularly gifted as a lecture recitalist, unlocking the inner meaning of complex works for the average listener. His repertoire spans over 50 original compositions, as well as a broad sampling of the music of the great American and European composers.

Struble is equally at home in the intimate setting of the solo or chamber recital and the symphonic concert hall, where his performances consistently inform and captivate his listeners in a style uniquely his own. For information about John Warthen Struble’s availability for your venue, click here to go to the Contact page.